Celebrity Testimonial

“I’ve found a secret that lets the
everyday’ me look as beautiful
as the ‘magazine cover’ me.”

Brooke Burke-Charvet ... TV host, actress, model,
wife and mother ... reveals the Hollywood secret
to flawless-looking skin.

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Burke Charvet

From Serious Skin Condition
to Beautiful-Looking Skin

Even though much of Brooke Burke-Charvet's life takes place in public view, she's been living with a serious skin secret.

“What most people don't know about me,” says the celebrated host of Dancing With the Stars, “is that I have a pretty serious case of melasma—a dark skin discoloration on areas of my face—and I've been dealing with it for about a decade. I used to actually pretend to be on the phone if somebody was taking a picture so I could sort of hide the dark spots.”

For years, Brooke sought out any kind of help she could find. “I tried everything. I tried the lasers. I tried the peels. Nothing was working.” Not only was the melasma very noticeable, but it started to damage her self-confidence, too. “I was reading things on the Internet like, ‘What’s wrong with her skin?’ ‘Did she just get a bad spray tan?’ ‘Does she have a disease?’ I didn't have the self-confidence that I usually did. I felt much older than I should have. It was really frustrating, really painful.”

Finally Finds a Solution

Fortunately, Brooke soon discovered something that would change her life forever. “Just when I was about to lose hope, that’s when my makeup artist shared Sheer Cover Studio with me.”

After trying this mineral makeup collection, she was impressed. “I was totally blown away for a whole number of reasons: how light and creamy the concealer was. I was actually able to dab and spot cover so I didn’t have to put on a full face of makeup. The mineral foundation was amazing. The color match was incredible. It was light. It was healthy.”

“There’s this buzz
right now in
Hollywood about
Sheer Cover Studio.”

Hollywood Loves
Sheer Cover Studio

As Brooke started using Sheer Cover Studio every day, she soon noticed that she wasn’t the only celebrity to discover this hot Hollywood makeup secret. “There’s this buzz right now in Hollywood about Sheer Cover Studio. Makeup artists are discovering how much easier it is to use, how much coverage they can get, how they don't have to keep layering loads of liquid foundations that really aren't making us look that great.”

In today’s world of HDTV and paparazzi who are always on the lookout to capture celebs in compromising situations, Brooke knows firsthand the challenge of looking your best at all times. “I work in front of high-definition cameras that no one on TV likes, I promise you, because they show every flaw. So I need a whole lot of makeup. But I want it to look natural and beautiful. I want the illusion that I’m not wearing any makeup. I get that with Sheer Cover Studio.”

Burke Charvet

“I think Sheer Cover
Studio is a great
solution for any
any woman...”

Changes Your Life

“For me,” says Brooke, “Sheer Cover Studio has been a life changer. It’s given me back my self-confidence with my skin. It makes me feel younger. It makes me feel healthy. It makes my skin look beautiful.”

Now, she thinks you should experience the joy that this sensational mineral makeup collection can create. “I think Sheer Cover Studio is a great solution for any woman who has just a little bit of time. If you have a problem you want to correct, want to even out your skin and enjoy a flawless-looking, beautiful complexion, Sheer Cover Studio can give you just that.”